ECG performs structural integrity inspections and visual inspections in accordance with the Construction Regulations, ISO 17020 and other relevant international standards to determine and provide our clients with comprehensive and accurate information on the level of compliance of their tower and tenants and to assess the likelihood of failure.

Our Services

  • We carry out site upgrades to ensure that the tower and mast infrastructure is well equipped for new radio frequency installations, network implementation projects, and network upgrades projects. We also perform tower upgrades to restore towers to a safe grading status and to strengthen them for creating additional antenna loading reserve capacity. All structural modifications are approved by a Professional Engineer.

  • ECG has experienced Structural Pr. Engineers for performance of structural analysis and tower designs. We perform structural analysis to verify if the tower is safe for continued use as required by the OHS Act i.e. structure is not overloaded, to verify structure reserve capacity for additional antennae loading and for approval of third party sharing requests.

  • We perform general maintenance on site to maintain the site and tower structural integrity.

  • We offer Inspections during factory Fabrication process and final Inspections for Release of Steel Structures for Site Erection. We will examine the following core issues comprehensively to give our clients the final stamp of approval:

    • Material Verification
    • Welding Inspections
    • Parts Pre-Galvanizing Inspection
    • Galvanize Quality Inspection and Thickness Verifications
    • Dimensional Verification
    • Documentation Verification and Release for Erection
  • To give our clients peace of mind and reduce risk of sub-standard work, we offer quality control supervision and inspection services on repairs or modifications undertaken on steel structures performed by a third party. These inspections comprise of both examination of site work and documentation to ensure that the repairs were performed in accordance with applicable requirements such as:

    • Customer Specifications
    • Applicable Codes
    • AWS Structural Welding Code-Steel
    • Applicable Material Specifications
    • Approved Drawings/ Sketches
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations
    • Approved Procedure Specifications and Method Statements
    • Galvanizing Standards,
    • Industry General Code of Good Practice
  • We perform Structural Repairs on Mast and Towers to correct Inspection Findings and restore the integrity of the Tower. We carry out the following but not limited repairs:

    • Weld Cracks Repairs
    • Tightening of Holding Down Bolts and any other Structural Bolting
    • All Corrosion Repairs
    • Straightening of Distorted Ladders and General Ladder Repairs
    • Replacement of Damaged Lattice Members
    • Paint Repairs
    • Repairs of Man Way Doors
    • Replacement of Corroded Bolting and Tower Sections
    • Replacement of deteriorated Grouting
  • We perform non-destructive testing on towers and masts. We have qualified level I and level II MPI Inspectors who conduct the NDT testing according to the applicable standards.

  • We do installations of fall protection systems on all types of towers and masts. We also conduct inspection on existing fall protection systems in accordance to the applicable standards

  • We provide post mast/tower erection inspection services to ensure that the erected masts/towers meet the customer installation standards and to ensure overall structural integrity for release of the structure for service.

  • We implement SHEQ Management Systems for our Customers based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, for the purposes of having a working management system to meet customer expectations, maximise customer satisfaction and for continuous improvement. We act as Consultants who will work with the customer in developing their management system, implementation and taking them through the certification process by a Certification Body.

  • On special request, we can tailor inspection services as needed. These agreed upon special inspections driven by client specific needs and scope of work may include inter alia.

    We also offer high rise window cleaning services.

Our Work