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SANAS 17020, IS09001
Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17020
Certification: ISO 9001:2015

ECG Engineering & Consulting Group

Our Services

Base Station Infrastructure Maintenance

Base Station Infrastructure Maintenance

Our services include routine, planned, restorative, preventative and reactive maintenance. Below are some of the maintenance works we carry out on towers and masts:

  • Electrical fault finding and maintenance
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Aircraft warning lights installations and maintenance
  • Internal mast and site security lighting maintenance
  • Compound cleaning, vegetation control, firebreak maintenance
Mast Structural Integrity Inspections

Mast Structural Integrity Inspections

We perform structural integrity inspections to assess overall compliance of the structures with customer requirements, manufacturing specifications, applicable safety and construction regulations. We also perform tower acquisition due diligence on behalf of clients whose objective is to better understand the status of their assets for purchasing or selling their portfolio. Furthermore, ECG’s inspections are accredited in accordance with SANAS ISO17020 international standard for technical competency. Our inspection services include visual inspection, structural measurements, non-destructive and destructive testing to assess the conditions of the towers and masts.

Our comprehensive tower inspection services include detailed reporting on the following matters inter alia:

  • Structural, OHSE, legal and regulatory compliance
  • Maintenance condition
  • Antennae Loading
  • Radio frequency equipment and remote monitoring systems
  • Risks, defects identification and mitigation
Tower Structural Upgrades and Modifications

Tower Structural Upgrades and Modifications

We carry out site upgrades to ensure that the Tower and Mast Infrastructure is well equipped for New Radio Frequency Installations, Network Implementation Projects, and Network Upgrades Projects etc. We also perform Tower Upgrades to restore Towers to a safe grading status and to strengthen them for additional Antenna loading reserve capacity. All structural modifications are approved by a professional structural engineer. Below are some of the upgrades we do:

  • Foundations expansion
  • Replacing/Adding tower members
  • Tower extensions
  • Tower refurbishments
  • Strengthening of tower connections
Mast Structural Analysis and Design services

Mast Structural Analysis and Design services

Structural analysis if performed per client request for various reasons such as to assess structure loading, structure reserve capacity for additional antennae loading and for approval of third-party sharing requests. Our services also include inhouse tower mapping, foundation mapping and detailed modification drawings.

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